First post… All about me!

Wow! So I have a blog now… Hi, I’m Anna, in case you didn’t know. And just to clarify, my real last name is “Daugherty”, but I started putting “Darty” on social media (no one ever knew how to pronounce it) and it stuck. Anyway, I really like photography. I used to go on photo shoots a lot with my friends. We’d just explore around ST. Louis and take pictures for fun. I need to start doing that more. I told my parents I was going to make a 2018 calendar with picture I’ve taken (of nature and shit. Not my friends… that would be a problem) and give it to them for Christmas. My dream would be going to Arizona State & potentially majoring in advertisement with a minor in photography. I also like Sam Houston in Texas; I’d study the same things. Plus, my God Father lives about 3 hours away from campus as opposed to 8+ hours with my parents in Missouri, so if anything happened, he could get to me quickly. Each school has their pros & cons, but I’d be happy with either… at least I think. Moving on, I work at a place called Vector, so I sell cutco knives (Yes, I’m one of those kids; no, it’s not a scam). I’m sure I’ll be writing more about my job, so I’m not gunna bother explaining any more. I have a Beshon Frisée, Sophie. She’s super spoiled and I’m 100% convinced that my dad loves her more than me & my mom combined. Other than that, I live a pretty simple life… or at least I try to. I’ll admit, some weird stuff does happen to me. But I’m gunna save that for my next post 😉